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Grisii Photo

I see my passion less as that of a photographer who captures images and more as that of an artist who plays with ideas, questions expectations and leaves the beaten path. I want to help my subjects (re)discover themselves and highlight their individual beauty and uniqueness.


My work is therefore not limited to the photographs, but also extends to the self-reflections of the people I photograph, who sometimes had to muster the courage to allow themselves to be (nude) photographed in the first place. It also addresses not only the self-portrayal but also the portrayal of others, as well as the prejudices that we encounter every day in today's social media internet. In the wake of increasingly distorting AI facial and body filters, a gateway to body dysmorphic disorders and the associated psychological implications, I would like to express the natural beauty of humans.


I also use modern technology, but without fundamentally distorting the people I photograph. Rather, I try to use the low keys and sharp contrast to highlight the characteristics that characterize the individual.


Normal people come to me from the middle of society, so I perceive comments like “You only photograph beautiful women!” as extremely flattering compliments for both my own work and on behalf of the personalities I photograph.


As the father of a teenage and an adult daughter, I feel a special responsibility, care and concern in this work.


I edit each image by hand, without scripts or machine optimizations.

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