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Sony Alpha 7IV Review: Eye Autofocus

  1. Turn on your Sony Alpha 7 IV and switch to shooting mode.

  2. Check if the Eye Autofocus is enabled. Go to the menu and look for the autofocus options. Make sure Eye Autofocus is turned on.

  3. Select the autofocus mode. For portrait shots, I recommend the AF-C (Continuous AF) mode, as it allows tracking of moving eyes.

  4. Pay attention to the positioning of the focus frame. When photographing a person's face, place the focus frame on the eye you want to focus on. This is typically the eye closest to the camera.

  5. Hold the camera steady to avoid blur. If necessary, use a tripod or brace your arms on a solid surface.

  6. Press the shutter button halfway to confirm focus. The camera should recognize the eye and set the autofocus on it.

  7. Check the settings for Eye Autofocus. Make sure the mode is set to "Auto" to recognize both eyes.

  8. If the camera doesn't recognize the eye or doesn't set the focus correctly, try manually moving the focus frame to the desired eye. This can be done with the camera's joystick or arrow keys.

  9. Experiment with different settings and techniques to find the best Eye Autofocus for your portrait shots. Also, consider the lighting conditions as they can affect the accuracy of the autofocus.

I hope this guide helps you correctly set up the Eye Autofocus of the Sony Alpha 7 IV for portrait shots. Happy shooting!

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